The caterpillar goes back to July of 2014. Organic gardening is a hobby of mine and one day while picking out weeds, I found this amazingly colored creature just chilling on one of my carrot stalks. A friend of mine told me it will become a Black Wing Butterfly. Here are two photographs I took. A few days later, I decided to draw the caterpillar from the photographs and came up with this.

There are many good examples of animals who voraciously comsume enough energy to then sit completely still and transform themselves, in this case, into a butterfly. Humans could learn that energy is precious and that it has to come from somewhere, that being the Earth, therefore it needs to be used wisely and productively.

After I made the drawing, I framed it and would glance at the drawing from time to time. It was a piece of art that was meant for me to enjoy. However one day in the seemingly never-ending winter of 2015, while trying to come up with a new look for my site and identity, I thought the caterpillar would make a unique-looking logo and represents my interest of nature.

Fantastic greens and yellows make up his segmented body. Unblemished blacks that look so clean and solid. Add to the fact that it will one day become a butterfly is one of nature’s awesome mysteries. I never did get to see if it became that butterfly, but I hope this little guy knows that he makes me smile everytime I look at him.